The Hueman Pain - Single

by Jewels Hunter

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As one goes through life there is a certain amount of pain that we all have to endure. Unfortunately for some they must endure a lot more then others. The struggle of mankind is something that has always been one of the defining focal points of what makes us who we are. Through the hardship comes a great strength that could never have been gained without a certain amount of opposition.
This song is meant to be an embodiment of the people's struggle, particularly The African American culture that has been through so much just to get to where it is now. This song is meant to be a story of the human race and the culmination of all the pain and oppression that we put ourselves through, when we forget what it means to be humane. From a personal point of view this song is the story of Me and all the pain I experienced from my ethnic background. Being Black & White has never been easy and there was a lot of adversity I faced from Both Blacks and Whites along the way, but it made me who I am. Growing up around racist family members was very hard, especially under my own roof and being called nigger by kids at school, was something that scarred me for a long time; so long in fact, that it took me 15 years of my life before I even touched on this subject through my art. Equally important, it is the story of my Father who has been many things throughout his life and the pain that has accompanied him becoming some of those things. He has been a Negro, a pimp, a hustler, a scholar, an occultist, a priest, an entertainer, a teacher, a Father, a Black Panther and a Black Man. None of these things are easy titles to bare, but in carrying the wait of these labels he has a better understanding of what in means to be a HUEMAN.
Negro means Black. We have always attributed many negative ideologies to the color black and it is for this reason that the label Black was given to us by our oppressors. Darkness, death, evil, bad, dirty and the absence of light, are just a few examples of the various definitions that have been given to the color Black. A very talented poet by the name of Saul Williams, once said in a spoken word, "Negro, from necro, meaning death, I overcame it, so they named me after it!" Many people have had a hard time understanding why African Americans might take some of these titles of negativity and use them to define one another. The first reason has to do with name calling. Some might not be aware but most nick names that people have were given to them by somebody else. Some of these names are meant to be derogatory and some are not. The idea, is to take the name and own it so that nobody can ever use it against you again. This is what happened in 1968 when James Brown made the song, Say it Loud. "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud!" This was African Americans taking the name BLACK, the label that had been giving to us as a title of oppression and owning it. That way it could never be used against us again! Now, lets discuss the controversial word, "NIGGA." Yes, for a very long time now we have referred to our selves as Nigga. Some hate it, some don't understand it and still for others it has become a term of endearment. This brings us to the second reason why some cultures, take negative or racial slurs and use them to define themselves; so that we never forget the struggle! As a youth, I once asked my Father why he called me Nigga and he said, "So you know where I'm coming from!" As long as we have these labels around us, we will never forget the struggle. Seen from this light, it makes Nigga & Black two of the most important words within the black community. We must never forget the struggle, whether White or Black, so that history doesn't repeat itself.
We have discovered that all races on Earth descended from Africa and that all tribes, no matter what race, originated from Ethiopia. Humanity has it's ROOTS deep within the soil of The African Continent. This is where the word Human truly comes from. Hu means black, or Hue meaning different colors or shades. To express this point we have included a patch with this single. If your down with the cause, stitch the patch on to your clothes, use it as a book mark, etc. You will notice on the patch itself, that there is an outline of the letter E at the end of the word Hueman. The letter E was left as a play on words (Human/Hueman-Humane/Huemane) to help people remember that part of being Human, is to be Humane to each other as well; or we will always continue to cause a lot of suffering to ourselves.


This song is dedicated to my Father Wendell Hunter, Jr., Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, The Black Panther Party and countless others, Black & White that have fought for the freedom of the oppressed.


released September 11, 2010

Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Jewels Hunter in The Black Lab for. Beat produced by factor and taken from the album titled, Chandelier. KRS-ONE vocal sample was taken with the SP1200, from the movie Rhyme & Reason. Art & Layout by Graves.


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